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Date Time Program Title
TBATBAArt History"Iconoclasm as Method" Alka Patel leads Getty Consortium Seminar
10/09/1708:00 AMHumanities Affiliated Event
Water UCI
Water UCI Challenge: Volunteers wanted
10/11/1711:00 AMRussian StudiesRussian Table
10/12/1703:00 PMFrench"La table française" - French Table
10/24/1704:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesSouth of Pico: African American Artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s
10/24/1704:00 PMHistoryThe Fall and Rise of Typical Sampling in 1950s China: Locating "Method" in Great Leap "Madness," a talk by Arunabh Ghosh of Harvard University
10/24/1705:00 PMPhilosophyOpen House: Medical Humanities & Humanities and Law Minor
10/25/1706:00 PMArmenian StudiesWorking In Between: Interculturalism and the Integration of Syrian-Armenian Refugees to Montreal, Quebec
10/25/1711:00 AMEast Asian Lang. & Literatures"Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan"
10/25/1705:00 PMGender and Sexuality StudiesPedagogies, Methodologies, and Practices of Feminist Humor: An Evening of Performance and Discussion with Ali Liebegott, Bridget McManus, and Jibz Cameron
10/25/1706:00 PMHistoryArmenian Studies Lecture Series: Dr. Gabriella Djerrahian
10/25/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsWordPress Workshop
10/25/1702:00 PMHumanities CommonsW.E.B.DU BOIS AND THE CONCEPT OF RACE
10/25/1711:00 AMRussian StudiesRussian Table - Russian Tea and Cookies
10/26/1705:00 PMAsian American StudiesStudent Roundtable: An Invisible Minority: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women at the 1977 National Women's Conference
10/26/1706:00 PMHumanities CommonsYA Novelist Angie Thomas
10/26/1705:00 PMPhilosophyLaw, Reason and Value Talk: Douglas Husak (Rutgers)
10/27/1706:00 PMCenter for Persian Studies and Culture"Documenting the Contributions of Iranian Americans - a Pioneering Approach" by Mr. Pirooz Parvarandeh
10/27/1712:00 PMEuropean Languages and StudiesPeter Frei, "Political Fictions of the Renaissance: The Reinvention of Literature in Early Modern France," a lecture for UCI's Center for Early Cultures
10/27/1712:00 PMThe Center for Early CulturesPeter Frei (UCI) "Political Fictions of the Renaissance: The Reinvention of Literature in Early Modern France"
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