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Telescope - a graduation poem

By Nic Reiner '17 (M.F.A., poetry)

Time wishes she could fly
like the human says she can.
She wishes she could lift
her body through the sky
like a sparrowhawk.
Most of all, she wishes
she wasn’t invisible
like this.

In his room today
the human wishes
for more time. Some days,
he wishes for her to pass quick
& other days for her to slow.

Time has a blue telescope
she uses to look
into human hearts
to see how far & with whom
their lives will stretch.
In this human’s heart
she sees pain
like a goose egg
& triumph
like a ripe tomato.
She lifts her one eye
from the telescope,
emits her spirit like pollen
tries again to elongate
herself & fails.
Human, it hurts to stretch,
for both me & you.